Juliusz Słowacki Museum Fund Collection

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Oksana ZUB,

Main Fund Curator


Literary-memorial Museum of Juliusz Słowacki was created not so long ago – 26 July 2002. On the international level with the active exposition it happened even later – 20 September 2004.


So the museum’s fund collection is, understandably, not numeral (till 01.01.2012 it consisted of 3 350 items). The crux of the matter is that most original things related to Juliusz Slowatcki that survived till nowadays are in different establishments of Polish Republic: foundations, museums, archives, libraries…


We, on the other hand, include in the museum fund rare items that are related to the life of the great Poet and popularization of his works in our time, which unites the nations.


Today the constant museum exposition that reflects the life and works of Juliusz Słowacki includes 169 items that were presented by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Polish Republic, Polish Writers Association. There are also 11 original items of the romanticism epoch that were granted by the Kremenets Local History Museum.


Exhibits that are kept in the fund depository are classified into eight fund groups: books (including other paper materials – catalogues, booklets, magazines, newspapers, articles), photographs, personal items, heraldry, art, posters and cards, films and other video materials (audio and video cassettes, CDs and diskettes).

This is only the beginning of the funds accumulation. We are happy, nevertheless, that we are the firsts to give life to this temple, to show our good will and to popularize the figure of Juliusz Słowacki that will help the relations between our two nations burst into blossom. The museum became a home to us; home from which a long way runs to the world… We believe that this way will be kind and bright as the museum’s future itself.